About Us

SİMRE MEDİKAL was established in Ankara at 18th of November, 2002. Emre ERKOCA and Simge ERKOCA are founding partners of this company. Emre ERKOCA has begun his career in 1999 as a Sales and Application Specialist in which a leading company. During his business life here, he had increased his experience and knowledge about medical market and hada chance to realize his dreams establishing own company-Simre Medical.
What does Simre mean and where it comes from?
It is a combination of syllable of SIMGE ERKOCA which is “SIM” and second syllable of EMRE ERKOCA which is ”RE”.
After a while, we have learnt its meaning as a nice coincidence.
The meaning at dictionary is that reflection of star light on square. Simre Medical family believes that it is a sign and reflects ethics and philosopy of business.
Simre Medical brought Sales,Technical Service,Application and Training and Logistics teams together since establishment. Our main target is customers satisfaction and high quality service.
Simre Medical beieves the importance of working as a team in a frame of quality control systems and this provided Simre to get TSE-HYB and ISO 9001-2008.
Our major principle is customers satisfaction and high quality service. As Simre Medical, we do not compromise on these two principles.
We are progressing to become a company that is independent from people and we continue to questioning ourselves at every stage to find and to get best.
Our market is a big market with nearly 80 million population and we would like to state that we are ready to cooperate with companies that wants to work with our experienced and equipped team with In Vitro, Research Tests, Veterinary Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine fields.

Let’s talk, meet and discuss. Our company is always ready for new oppurtunities…