XT- 2000 İ

The Sysmex XT-2000i Automated Hematology Analyzer utilizes the power of fluorescent flow cytometry and hydrodynamic focusing technologies. Using a unique diode laser bench, Sysmex fluorescent flow cytometry provides the sensitivity needed for measuring and differentiating cell types in whole blood and body fluid samples.Fluorescent flow technology and hydrodynamic focusing enable the XT-2000i to consistently classify normal WBC, RBC and PLT populations form abnormal populations, thereby decreasing the number of manual interventions.  XT-2000i technology provides clinically relevant and reportable parameters.

Immature Granulocyte count (IG%, #) offers reportable, quantitative results for metamyelocytes, myelocytes, promyelocytes
Reduce false positive and false negative rates
Obtain result consistency by reducing tech-to-tech variation in reporting manual differentials
Improve turnaround time with fewer manual differentials
Platelet counts by a fluorescent optical method and by traditional impedance technology to improve accuracy of very low and very high PLT counts
Obtain accurate counts when interferences are present
Offers automated judgment for reporting PLT-O or PLT-I through instrument settings
Retic:  Fluorescent reticulocyte count to reduce manual confirmation methods and their inherent errors
Eliminate common interferences to avoid manual counts
Improve immature reticulocyte information (IRF)
Reportable WBC and RBC counts for all common body fluid samples (CSF, synovial and serous)
RET-He:  Reticulocyte Hemoglobin is a direct cellular measure of the incorporation of iron into the developing red cell to assist the physician with anemia evaluation and management (e.g., functional iron deficiency anemia)
Provides rapid, direct analysis of an earlier stage of RBC development
Is an established parameter used in KDOQI (Kidney Disease Outcome Quality Initiative) guidelines for assessing the initial iron status of patients
Supports effective monitoring of costly drug protocols for cell stimulation